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Personalised Solutions For A Life Well-Lived

Daily Personal Activities

We offer complete assistance for your daily routines, recognising the hurdles you might face. The Infinite Care 365 team is dedicated to helping you with bathing, grooming, cleaning, meal preparation, household chores, and shopping. Our primary aim is to empower individuals and foster the growth of their abilities and independence in managing personal activities.

Household Tasks

We believe organised spaces can create a sense of order and calm, so Infinite Care 365 is here to assist you with household chores. We offer comprehensive support from general cleaning, bathroom maintenance, kitchen organisation, waste management, and also creating a vibrant green space through gardening to contribute to an uplifting atmosphere, ensuring a clean and secure living environment.

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

We support you in cultivating essential life skills by guiding you to refine practical abilities, including financial management, cooking, housekeeping, time management, and accessing community services. At Infinite Care 365, we go a step further by offering visual demonstrations, empowering you to apply these skills confidently in everyday situations.

Assistance in Coordinating or Managing Life Stages, Transitions, and Supports

At Infinite Care 365, we help you navigate diverse life phases, transitions, and adjustments, offering essential support and services. Whether embarking on an academic endeavour, entering college, or commencing a new chapter in your career, we stand by you during the transition to ensure a seamless and comfortable adaptation.

Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement (SIL)

We support individuals in Shared or Group Living (SIL), helping them in daily activities to uphold autonomy and engage in routine tasks. Our assistance includes personal care and hygiene, bathing, toileting, grooming, and dressing. Additionally, we lend a hand in meal preparation and household responsibilities. At Infinite Care 365, we stand by you, offering support within the comfort of your home.

Assistance with Travel/Transport Arrangements

Travelling often brings stress. At Infinite Care 365, we offer aid and assistance with travelling. We help plan and organise your travels, arrange transportation, and provide support. Our team accompanies you to offer assistance with mobility aids and transfers, ensuring a smooth and secure travel experience.

Participation in Community, Social & Civic Activities

We affirm that active involvement in community activities impacts our holistic well-being. Participants are urged to partake in social clubs, artistic or musical workshops, peer support initiatives, and community volunteering, cultivating enhanced social and communication aptitudes. At Infinite Care 365, we accompany you to community participation programs to encourage meaningful connections.

Group and Centre-Based Activities

At Infinite Care 365, we encourage group activities to facilitate social connections and nurture a feeling of inclusion among our participants. Our preferred group activities encompass art therapy, music therapy, and sensory experiences, catering to the distinct requirements of each group. Additionally, we organise recreational group events like sports, games, fitness sessions, and outings for enriched enjoyment.

Innovative community participation

We encourage our participants to participate in community activities, such as social clubs, workshops, and volunteering. These activities help develop social and communication skills. We make sure our programs are effective and meaningful for everyone involved. Join us for a healthier, happier you!

Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or Higher Education

Infinite Care 365 empowers people with disabilities to pursue their career goals through personalised employment services. We offer tailored career counselling and guidance to provide the tools and resources to follow your passions and find a suitable career path. Our commitment is to provide steadfast support to help individuals with disabilities reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations.

Therapeutic Supports

We provide physical therapy to boost mobility and independence. Our specialised services, like occupational, speech, behavioural, psychological, and group therapy, focus on your mental and emotional well-being, ensuring a holistic approach to your care.

Early Intervention Support for Early Childhood

We know it’s important to catch and fix problems early to help reduce the impact of disabilities. Families are essential in this process, so we work with them closely. Our services include speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and behavioural support to help kids learn and grow better.

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