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Daily Personal Activities

We offer complete assistance for your daily routines, recognising the hurdles you might face. The Infinite Care 365 team is dedicated to helping you with bathing, grooming, cleaning, meal preparation, household chores, and shopping. Our primary aim is to empower individuals and foster the growth of their abilities and independence in managing personal activities.

Take The First Step Towards A More Fulfilling Life Today with NDIS Group Activities

We understand the transformative power of NDIS group activities. Our group and centre based activities are designed to promote social interaction, skill development, and independence, enriching the lives of those with disabilities. Whether you're in Melbourne or elsewhere, our programs cater to diverse needs, fostering a supportive community environment. 

Embrace the opportunity to grow, socialise, and learn through activities tailored to empower and inspire participants. Connect with us for NDIS group centre activities that pave the path to a more fulfilling life.

Connect with our team for the support and care you deserve.

Comprehensive Group and Centre Based Activities for NDIS Participants

Enhancing Skills Through Structured Social Interaction

Our NDIS group activities are more than just a gathering; they are a stepping stone towards building valuable life skills. Participants engage in various group-based tasks that enhance communication abilities, problem-solving skills, and team collaboration. These activities are carefully curated to suit individuals of all abilities, ensuring everyone can participate and benefit.

A diverse group of children collaborating on a project, sharing ideas and working together as a team.

Tailored Activities in Melbourne's Supportive Environments

For those seeking NDIS group activities in Melbourne, Infinite Care 365 offers a range of options tailored to the local community. From arts and crafts workshops to group sports sessions, our activities are designed to match the interests and capabilities of our participants, promoting an active, engaging community life.

Empowering Independence Through Group Centre Activities NDIS

Our group centre activities NDIS programs focus on empowering participants by promoting independence. These activities are designed to help individuals make decisions, manage tasks, and navigate social environments more effectively, fostering a sense of achievement and self-reliance.

Support and Growth with NDIS Group Centre Activities

Joining our NDIS group centre activities means accessing a network of support that encourages personal growth. Our trained professionals are dedicated to nurturing the strengths of each participant, helping them to identify and reach their personal goals within a group setting.

Personal Care

We assist with bathing, grooming, and dressing, ensuring comfort and dignity are always maintained.

Meal Preparation

We help you with meal planning and cooking tailored to your dietary needs and preferences for delicious, nutritious meals.

Household Support

We also assist you with housekeeping and organisation to maintain a clean, comfortable living space and ensure your home is welcoming and relaxing.

Shopping Assistance

We accompany you for trips for groceries and essentials, offering physical support and companionship to help you maintain independence.

Connect and Thrive with Infinite Care 365

A diverse group of individuals sitting around a table, engaged in knitting activities with their needles.

The Benefits of Joining Our Activities

Participants of our group and centre based activities NDIS enjoy a large number of benefits, including improved social skills, enhanced mental health, and a stronger sense of community. Each activity is a building block toward a more independent and confident lifestyle.

A man in a wheelchair feeding a woman in a kitchen.

How to Get Involved

Getting involved is easy! Visit our disability home care services page to learn more about how to join. We offer flexible options to fit your schedule and needs, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to participate.

Supportive adult aiding child with schoolwork, promoting educational development.

Support Beyond Activities

At Infinite Care 365, support extends beyond just NDIS group activities in Melbourne. We provide comprehensive assistance through Supported Independent Living, Travel & Transport, and Therapeutic Supports. Each service is designed to complement our group activities, offering a holistic approach to care and support.

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Are you ready to take the first step towards a more enriching and fulfilling life? Connect with our caring and professional team today. Our tailored group and centre based activities NDIS are just the beginning. 


Let Infinite Care 365 help you navigate the journey towards greater independence and well-being. Book an assessment now and discover the joy and freedom that comes with being part of Infinite Care 365.


Embrace the opportunities our group centre activities NDIS provide and become part of a community that celebrates growth and empowerment. Let's make every activity a step towards a brighter, more independent future.

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